Hope & Dreams Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Shop specializes in cancer awareness t-shirts, apparel, tees, merchandise and gifts not only to promote awareness but to empower and inspire the cancer warrior, the survivor and their supporters to fight strong and never lose hope. We personally understand cancer awareness because we are cancer survivors and co-survivors who have actually gone through cancer treatments, side effects and the uncertainty. Along this challenging journey, we have unfortunately lost a few of our friends and acquaintances because of cancer, but we have also won some battles, which motivates us to continue to promote, advocate and support awareness through our awareness apparel and merchandise. Our cancer merchandise, t-shirts and apparel slogans are unique to our store and are ideal for cancer awareness month, awareness walks or anytime to promote your cause or event.  We donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer research and cancer charities on behalf of all cancer survivors. Our mission is to promote, advocate and support cancer awareness because we believe with awareness there is hope.

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