Gifts of Faith and Hope For Cancer Patients, Survivors and Loved Ones

Breast Cancer Faith Hope Love shirt
Breast Cancer Faith Hope Love T-Shirts and Gifts by CancerApparelGifts.Com
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Our newest collection of  inspirational cancer awareness t-shirts and gifts is brought to you by cancer survivors at CancerApparelGifts.Com.  This lovely awareness design (pictured above)  is originally illustrated and it features a whimsical butterfly on a heart ribbon which is available on t-shirts and gifts straight from our shop.  It  highlights beautiful, empowering words of  “Faith, Hope, Love, Believe and Determination” while supporting cancer awareness.   We  dedicate this cancer awareness collection to cancer patients, warriors, survivors and their loved ones to inspire faith and hope during challenging times.  Our new cancer awareness inspirational series is available on t-shirts and gifts to promote awareness for a variety of cancers such as:  Blood Cancer,  Breast Cancer, Childhood Cancer, Colon Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Hodgkin’s Disease, Leukemia, Lung Cancer, Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer  and much more.  Makes a beautiful, inspiring gift for all those affected by cancer.  Please visit our line of Cancer Butterfly Heart series and be sure to bookmark our shop for future reference. As cancer survivors, we proudly donate to cancer research.

September Highlights Cancer Awareness Month For Many Cancers


September is  a busy month for Cancer Awareness. At CancerApparelGifts.Com, we are commemorating ten cancers to help promote advocacy and public awareness through our line of cancer awareness t-shirts and gifts, all brought to you by cancer survivors. Five of these cancers are blood cancers such as Lymphoma, Leukemia, Hodgkin’s Disease aka Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which is a type of Lymphoma. Additionally, September also highlights awareness for Childhood Cancer, Gynecologic Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Prostate Cancer.

CancerApparelGifts.Com has created a special collection of unique cancer awareness month t-shirts, tees, apparel, merchandise and gifts to observe and call attention to this special month of awareness.When you click on the awareness month links below you will be directed to a full line of unique cancer awareness merchandise to raise attention for your cause. Perfect for your fundraiser or cancer event.

Visit the applicable links below to browse and shop awareness month to ring in the importance of cancer advocacy in September. As cancer survivors, we proudly donate to cancer research.

September is Cancer Awareness Month For:

Cancer Tribute T-Shirts, Tees & Gifts from CancerApparelGifts.Com

Pay tribute to the Cancer Warriors, Survivors and Departed with our exclusive bold, distressed CANCER TRIBUTE t-shirts and gift collection brought to you by  our sister shop at CancerApparelGifts.Com and designed by cancer survivors.   Our image samples below represent  Breast Cancer, Colon Cancer and Lymphoma advocacy and awareness.  HOWEVER,  this exclusive design is ALSO available for other cancers from Appendix Cancer to Uterine Cancer .  Perfect for awareness events or anytime to call attention to the importance of awareness and advocacy for your cancer cause.  Be sure to visit our main  shop to purchase this exclusive cancer tribute shirts and gifts available for your cause.

CLICK on image to customize.  Available in styles for men, women and kids.

Lymphoma I Wear Lime Green Ribbon TRIBUTE shirt

Lymphoma I Wear Lime Green Ribbon TRIBUTE Tee Shirts

For more exclusive Cancer TRIBUTE t-shirts, apparel, merchandise and gifts for an array of cancers, visit our shop at

Fashionable “I Wear Pink” Shirts & Gifts to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Wear your support for someone you know battling breast cancer

Stop by GoPinkShirts.Com for our latest eye-catching breast cancer awareness t-shirt & gift designs to promote awareness in support of someone you know battling breast cancer.  We have a variety of “I Wear Pink Ribbon” shirts & gifts to raise support for your mom, sister, wife friend, etc.  Below is an image sampling of our fashionable breast cancer apparel designs exclusively by GoPinkShirts.Com

Click on images below to view or visit GoPinkShirts.Com directly to see the full collection.

I Wear PInk Women's Light T-Shirt I Wear PInk 3.5" Button I Wear PInk Hooded SweatshirtI Wear Pink White T-Shirt I Wear Pink 3.5" Button I Wear Pink Jr. HoodieI Wear Pink For My Friend Women's V-Neck T-Shirt I Wear Pink For My Friend 3.5" Button I Wear Pink For My Friend Light T-ShirtI Wear Pink Daughter Women's Tank Top I Wear Pink Daughter 3.5" Button I Wear Pink Daughter Sweatshirt

Lung Cancer Survivor Shirts & Gifts – November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Hope & Dreams Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Shop’s newest lung cancer t-shirt design is dedicated to all Lung Cancer survivors in support of National Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November.  This unique lung cancer survivor design with pearl ribbon comes in styles of 1 to 20 years for the survivor to wear proudly.  Looking for a variety of Lung Cancer Awareness tees, shirts, apparel & gifts?  Visit our shop for your awareness needs. We can personalize any of our awareness designs.

Please view the designs below or visit the lung cancer survivor shirt section by clicking here.

Lung Cancer Survivor Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt Lung Cancer Survivor Ringer T Lung Cancer Survivor Cap

Lung Cancer Survivor 1 Year Women's Tank Top Lung Cancer Survivor 2 Years Fitted T-Shirt Lung Cancer Survivor Jr. Hoodie

Lung Cancer Survivor Value T-shirt Lung Cancer Survivor Jr. Raglan Lung Cancer Survivor 3.5" Button

Lung Cancer Survivor Rectangle Magnet Lung Cancer Survivor Hooded Sweatshirt Lung Cancer Survivor Women's Tracksuit

Lung Cancer Survivor Women's V-Neck T-Shirt Lung Cancer Survivor Ornament (Round) Lung Cancer Survivor Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This is only a sample.  TO SEE MORE, VISIT

Wear Your Support For Lung Cancer Awareness Month With Unique Lung Cancer Shirts & Gifts

Wear Your Support For Lung Cancer Awareness Month With unique line of Lung Cancer Shirts & Gifts brought to you by Hope & Dreams Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Shop.   Our latest lung cancer t-shirt design is dedicated to the heroes battling lung cancer to raise morale while helping to promote increased lung cancer awareness.  Below is a sampling  of our latest Hero design.  Click on design below to view or visit our Lung Cancer Hero Design section by clicking here.

Lung Cancer Hero (Dad) Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt Lung Cancer Hero (Mom) Light T-Shirt Lung Cancer Hero (Sister) Jr. Hoodie Lung Cancer Hero (Wife) Ringer T Lung Cancer Hero (Husband) Jr. Jersey T-ShirtLung Cancer Hero (Wife) Baseball Jersey

To see more lung cancer awareness merchandise, click here.  We have a large selection of original lung cancer awareness shirts and we can customize any design for your awareness event or any occasion.

Styling “I Wear Pink Ribbon” T-Shirts For Breast Cancer Awareness

Check out our latest “I Wear Pink Ribbon” t-shirts, apparel & gifts to promote, advocate and support breast cancer awareness from GoPinkShirts.Com (our sister shop).  This bold stylish design is eye-catching and perfect for your breast cancer awareness month, your awareness function or anytime to help promote awareness.  Please click on the  “I Wear Pink” designs below to view or visit our sister shop directly at to see more “I Wear Pink” designs.   Be sure to use our coupons to save on your purchase.
I Wear Pink Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt I Wear Pink Ringer T I Wear Pink Jr. Hoodie I Wear Pink 2.25" Button I Wear Pink Jr. Raglan I Wear Pink Ribbon Women's Light T-Shirt

To view more”I Wear Pink Ribbon” designs, please CLICK HERE.

Be sure to visit our other cancer awareness shops for your awareness needs.  We have a large variety of cancer awareness merchandise and other awareness products.  We can customize any of our awareness designs for your awareness event.

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Gifts4Awareness T-Shirt & Gift Shop
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We donate a portion of all proceeds to cancer research which we feel it is our obligation to give back as cancer survivors and as an awareness shop.  If you buy from other awareness shops, always ask.